To truly be successful in Customer Success and Leadership you need an
    equal balance of impact on your business, impact with your team members,
    and impact in the market. At AHM Consulting, we know from our extensive experience in
    building and scaling Customer Success teams that where you build the
    right foundation, hire and mentor passionate intelligent team members, sprinkle in some smart technology, and match
    that with amazing product and services, you and your customers are bound to win.

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    Building the Foundation

    Every team needs to start with laying the bricks


    Foundationally speaking, every Customer Success organization must start with determining its purpose and build from that.  At AHM Consulting, we help you align your purpose to your Company's goals, building out your charter, vital few, segmentation, engagement lifecycle, and business reviews based on how your team will best contribute to the overall success of your organization.



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    Hire and Inspire the Right Team

    Putting the right people in place is more than half the battle


    Customer Success is a unique position that can require many different skill sets to be utilized at any one point in time.  You might been a more technical person one moment, a sales-oriented another, and still a strategic relationship builder tomorrow.  Knowing how to find the right people, with the mix of the right skill sets and inspiring them to greatness with your customers will set your organization up for true success.


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    Not all Customers need a CSM

    Scale and make your business efficient through partnership


    And not all customers are the same.  Some have more opportunity, higher risk, or need more attention.  Building a business with a one to many mentality takes an eye to data, internal collaboration, and a true understanding of the value you provide to your customers through your product/services.


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    Fine Tune with Technology

    Technology can make team and customer management more efficient


    Where there is a need, technology will fill the gap and that is has.  Multiple Customer Success analytics and work flow management partners now exist to assist us in increasing our success with customers.  You can't go wrong if you choose the vendor partner whose services best match your team's needs and purpose


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    Hiring and Becoming the Best Leader

    As our profession grows, finding and developing our next level leaders is imperative


    In a changing, growing profession such as Customer Success it is even more important that companies identify and develop leadership who can not only hold the banner high but speak to, build out, and scale the Success team. 



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    Anjanette Hill-Mendoza

    Founder & True Customer Success Believer

    One of Anjanette's team members once said that 'Customer Success chose him' and that's exactly what happened to Anjanette some 21 years ago when right out of law school she got the chance to start working with customers in a more intelligent strategic way. Since that time she's not only managed customers directly, from Small to Enterprise level in several different industries, but built and rebuilt numerous teams in support of a successful, satisfied, growing customer base.




    Just like a great Customer Loyalty and Reference program, I'm only as
    good as my references.  Check out a few of the references from those
    I've worked with during my Customer Success career from customers to
    team members to leaders.




    I was lucky enough to deal with Anjanette while rolling out Hightail for the ABC. She was very responsive and extremely good with strategic recommendations that helped get the project over the line. All while working on the other side of the world and juggling a number of other customers. The great thing about Anjanette is that she really comes across as 100% dedicated to your success. Dealing with her was like having an ally on hand that I could contact whenever I needed help.




    If there was a one line to describe Anjanette, that would be "a very detailed oriented, honest, sincere, passionate Customer Success executive". In my career, she was probably one of the best Customer
    Success leader that I have worked with.




    Anjanette strikes the perfect balance of directing a clear path forward to success for the business and providing the latitude for her team members to thrive on their own strengths to grow the business. Her keen understanding of customer satisfaction and strong analytical approach to problem solving made working for and with her a positive, productive experience!




    I have had the good fortune to work with Anjanette at two companies. Anjanette is a rare blend of exceptional manager and leader with the drive to dig into work herself to get the job done. She has developed amodel for Customer Success that is a vital part of the business strategy and key to achieving company and revenue goals. She is an innovative leader and true partner to sales, marketing, IT, Finance, connecting into every part of the business. Her keen business sense does not stand in the way of her continually being a vocal advocate for doing what is right for customers. Anjanette has proven time and again to be invaluable to an organizations’ success.



    Anjanette is one of the most business process oriented people I know --- not just in the customer success/support area, but across the enterprise. As the Director of Customer Success at Mindjet,
    Anjanette's impact has dramatically increased Mindjet's customer success rating within the first two quarters that she was directing the team. Having a comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to move a company from an ok to a great customer experience, her knowledge around cross departmental functionality and overall company efficiencies is unmatched.




    Anjanette is a leader, motivator, coach, visionary and possesses keen business knowledge. She is passionate about her work, the customer, and equally important, she strives to help others succeed, whether it's her staff, management colleagues, or friends.




    AHM Consulting came at a pivotal point in my professional career. I was leading a Customer Success team with many initiatives in play, when I was also about to head out on maternity leave. I needed a seasoned professional who demonstrates a command for understanding Customer Success, with the ability to navigate business operations and mesh well with the CSMs. Anjanette was very practiced at the methodologies, goals and objectives that I had put into play, and it was apparent that I could leave my team and initiatives in her trusted hands. Not only was she able to quickly take the reins, she was able to navigate the team and company without the milestones missing a beat. She helped finalize the Comp Plans, At-Risk and Implementation Playbooks, and took the initiative to create a customer “WOW” deck to recapture the interest of tenured customers. I was able to confidently take maternity leave and focus on my child. Anjanette is a true professional who I trust to lead any organization through their maturing and evolving needs.


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